The Right to Education (RTE) Act in India is Ridiculous!

India passed the Right To Education (RTE) Act in April, 2010, with the idea to provide compulsory education for every child under the 6-14 age group in India. Although the thought of education for all is a good one, the concept of education and its implementation in India is totally flawed!! Continue reading

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Can Technology Replace School Teachers??

After visiting the “Technology for Education Expo” in New Delhi last week, i realized that the new buzz words in India when it comes to education is “Digital” or “Technology for Education”. The visit to the Expo was an eye-opening experience. There were all kinds of new gadgets at the different booths at the Expo – Interactive learning hi-tech tools, hi-tech blackboards, digital content…you name it. And some big names too – Cisco, Texas Instruments, Oracle to name a few. India has come on everyone’s radar – huge market, very poor education system, and tons of money to be made. If anyone says Education is not a money-making business, but more of a social good thing, should have come to this Expo. Continue reading

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My Visit to a Public School in New Delhi, India

I finally made it to India, to learn from the locals about the teacher accountability issue in the Indian public schools. After a week of settling into my new surroundings, i decided to go for my first field trip, and visit a local public school. Continue reading

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Improving Teacher Motivation is Key for the Indian Education System

There are many issues in education system in India, and one of the big ones is the lack of focus on the quality of education.┬áIndia has been focused on what we call the inputs to the education system – student enrollment rates, building schools, books/meals, providing teachers etc). Although all these inputs are important, India’s focus has to change from inputs, to outputs of its education system – student outcomes, quality of education. Continue reading

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Education System in India: ICTs Cannot Work Their Magic Alone!

What is the Problem with the Public Education System in India?

The challenges facing the Indian education system are immense, and the need for reform is immediate. The Services sector (mainly Informational Technology) led economic boom in India has really masked the issues in its educational system. Here are some mind-boggling statistics that will give some perspective on the seriousness of this issue: Continue reading

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ICTs in Education: Use of Mobiles Phones for Helping Solve the Educational Issues in India

India is currently experiencing an economic boom, mainly due to its Information Technology (IT) led services sector. But the highly skilled workers that are responsible for this IT boom in India, have masked the real educational issues – India has 22% of the global population, and 46% of world’s illiterates. The quality of education in India is poor; and a drastic, immediate reforms are needed to fix this issue. Continue reading

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BRICs Series – 8 : Investing in Brazil and India

1) Brazil:

Growth Prospects for the Country: Brazil’s economy grew by 7.1% in 2010, and is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 5% for the next 5 years (its economy is expected to be larger than Italy’s by 2020). Continue reading

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